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Heating Elements        




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HEATING ELEMENTS for all types of furnaces and ovens in raw form as wire, strip or finished form such as coil, strip corrugated, Rod over Bend (ROB), Radiant Tube, . Both Nickel Based Alloys and Ferrous based alloys are available in all forms. Elements  having melting temperatures upto 1450 Deg C and continuous furnace running temperature up to 1200 Deg C are available with us. We can supply Heating  Elements for all type of furnaces.  


Material of heating Elements

1. Nickel Based Alloys.
Nickel Based Alloys commonly known as NICHROME have the advantages as anti-oxidization in high-temperature, high strength, non-softened and etc. When continuously used, it will not transform or elongate permanently. Among them, Ni/Cr-80/20, with superexcellent comprehensive performance, is the preferred type for making high quality heating element.

2. Ferrous  Based Alloys.
Ferrous Alloys enjoys superior anti-oxidization, anti-sulfur and anti-cementite. It also has series of advantages as small specific gravity, high surface load, high resistivity, high service temperature, long life-span and low price etc. Therefore, it is widely used in heating elements.

3. Kanthal Heating Elements.
The are alloys made by Kanthal wire and strips of various grades and temperatures. It also has series of advantages as small specific gravity, high surface load, high resistivity, high service temperature, long life-span etc.

4. Silicon Carbide Heating Elements.
Silicon carbide elements comes in rods, U- shape, Bundles and other forms and are commonly used for high temperatures of about 1200 to 1600 Deg C.

In case your do not know what to use or if you are not sure of specifications / designing ask our experts.

Forms of Alloys available

1. Wire - 0.2 mm dia to 7 mm dia

2. Strip - 0.5 to 4 mm Thick and 8 to 40 mm wide

3. Ribbons. 0.08 to 1 mm Thick and 0.2 to 4 mm wide

Send your inquiry / Ask for available standard size from our experts.




Forms of commonly used Heating Elements

1. Coil / Spiral Form.

2. Corrugated Strip Element.

3. Rod Over Bend (ROB).

4. Radiant Tube Type.

Send your inquiry / Ask for technical queries from our experts.


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